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About Us 

EYTE is a Federal government-funded program with a core mission: to empower young individuals to succeed in their careers. We firmly believe that every youth, regardless of their background, possesses unique talents and capabilities. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that all young people, including Indigenous and minority youth, have equal opportunities to secure meaningful employment. 

At EYTE, we offer a comprehensive program designed to equip young individuals with essential work skills. Our program includes a 5-week paid training phase, where participants learn important skills for the job market. This is followed by a 12-week job placement phase, helping young people kickstart their careers with hands-on experience. We understand that every young person's journey is unique, and we provide personalized support to meet their specific needs. 


Our vision is to orchestrate a diverse suite of activities meticulously designed to empower youth, enabling them to surmount employment barriers. We are committed to equipping them with a comprehensive spectrum of skills and knowledge, ensuring they not only thrive in today's labour landscape but are also primed to seize opportunities in the evolving job markets of the future. Through this, we envision a future where every young individual can chart their own path to professional success, unhindered.

For more info, Contact Halima Ahmed

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