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Anti-Hate Project

The aim is to eliminate all forms of hate, working to make a society that is safe and welcoming for everyone. We work on finding, dealing with, and trying to prevent acts of hate and unfair treatment before they happen. By teaching people, helping those who have been hurt, and working together with others, we want to break down the beliefs and systems that keep hate going. We do this work both in local areas and around the world, pushing for kindness, understanding, and respect among different groups of people.

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Our vision is for a world where being different is not just okay, but something to be happy about, and where there's no room for hate. We want to build a world where everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from, feels included, safe, and respected. We imagine a future where all communities know and understand these issues and actively say no to any kind of hate or unfair treatment. In this future, people who have faced hate will get help and become stronger, and the thinking that causes discrimination will be taken apart step by step.

For more info, Contact Salma Hammoud

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