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Project Moyo

DALL·E 2024-05-28 10.21.43 - A hyper-realistic illustration depicting a group of four youn

In Swahili, "Moyo" means heart—a fitting name for a project that lies at the core of our community's recovery and resilience. Project Moyo is a collaborative initiative with Counselling Family Services, dedicated to healing hearts, extending its compassionate reach beyond the streets to support children, youth, and families affected by gun violence, homicides, and non-fatal injuries.

Utilizing the Trauma Systems Therapy (TST-R) model, our mission is to provide compassionate support and holistic services tailored to address the unique challenges faced by those in the wake of such life-altering events. Project Moyo is committed to acknowledging and validating the experiences of those often overlooked as victims and survivors of gun and street violence. By challenging the narratives that deny their victimhood and survivorship, we aim to create a more supportive and understanding environment that recognizes their trauma and resilience.

This initiative not only focuses on immediate crisis intervention but also on long-term recovery strategies that empower individuals and families to reclaim their lives with dignity and peace. 

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