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About Us

The SFA is committed to crafting and implementing highly specialized, community-focused, and culturally attuned advocacy supports tailored specifically to address the unique needs of Black students and families in Ottawa. By deeply understanding the intricacies of their experiences and aspirations, our approach ensures meaningful engagement, elevates their voices, and fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment within the community.

We passionately advocate for students and parents within the educational landscape, ensuring their voices resonate at every level. Simultaneously, we stand as a central resource and referral hub, interlinking schools with the broader community. By fostering open dialogues, we aim to bridge the gaps in understanding between parents, teachers, and administrators, especially on pivotal issues such as mental health, racial disparities, and the challenge of anti-black racism. Through these endeavors, we aspire to weave a more connected and empathetic educational fabric for all.


Black students, families, and communities deserve to forge not just functional, but also flourishing and harmonious relationships with schools and the broader education system. The ultimate vision is an education system that isn't merely responsive but is deeply informed and shaped by the insights, aspirations, and needs of Black students, families, and communities. By recognizing and actively dismantling systemic barriers, we aim to pave the way for genuine achievement, true equity, and holistic well-being for every Black learner and their family.

For more info, Contact Sagal Ismail

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